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King Fire Update - 9/23/14

George Lamson  | Published on 9/23/2014
From InciWeb: (Zone 1 is the northern zone of the King fire)

Zone 1: Crews were able to get line completely around the large spot fire east of French Meadow Reservoir, however the lines will be tested by the Red Flag event. Significant direct and indirect line was completed throughout the fire area.

Planned Actions 

Zone 1:

Improve direct and indirect line between French Meadow and Hell's Holereservoirs to block the fires advance towards the northeast. Continue to build direct and indirect lines on the east and west flanks of the fire to contain lateral spread of the fire. Utilize air resources to slow the rate of spread, influence the direction of spread, and assist in structure protection. Identify additional communities and values at risk and develop plans to minimize impacts. Provide protection for structures, infrastructure, habitat, and other values at risk. Identify and construct indirect and direct control lines on the north, east, and west portions of the incident as staffing and conditions allow, providing for firefighter and public safety first.

Projected Activity:

With the southeast winds transitioning to southwest winds, there is the potential for extreme fire behavior if the winds, fuels, and topography come into alignment. There is the possibility for single and group torching, upslope crown runs, and spotting up to 1/2 mile. The highest probability is on the northwest portion of the fire.

Weather concerns:

Monday night: Moderate humidity recovery into the 60s in the evening, then dropped to 40-50%. Down canyon winds of 4-8 mph occurred with east-southeast ridges of 5-9 mph with gusts to 15 mph.
**Red Flag Warning Tuesday afternoon through early Wednesday evening.**
Tuesday and Wednesday: West-southwest winds will continue to increase through Wednesday and align with the lower canyons and valleys. Expect ridge top winds of 20-30 mph Tuesday increasing to 25-35 mph Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Poor maximum relative humidity at night will result in low minimum relative humidity during the afternoon. Maximum relative humidity will range between 30-40% with minimum relative humidity of 18-25% Tuesday and Wednesday.