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SLPOA Site Integrates with Facebook

Stephen D Evans  | Published on 8/21/2014
One of the many new features of the SLPOA website is the ability to integrate with social networking site, like Facebook. Today Chris Africa and Steve Evans built the bridge between the two.
As a result, Facebook members have the ability to read news items that have been shared to the SLPOA Facebook page. The sharing of that information - news articles, events, activities and other content is done by the website administrators - Chris Africa, Steve Evans and George Lamson.
But that's not all. The website allows members to add their social network accounts to their profiles.  That includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and 300 other social networking sites. Once a member has added those accounts they can share interesting content from the website on their personal social networking pages.
If you'd like to add your accounts, go to your Profile and click on "Membership Directory" in the Personal Info section. Once you've done that you can click on the Sharing Link (see below) and select the site you'd like to share the content on.