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Missing Your Logon Credentials?

Stephen D Evans  | Published on 8/17/2014
Last Tuesday, August 12, we turned on the new SLPOA site.  As part of the conversion the SLPOA member database was loaded on the new site and e-mails with the new logon credentials were sent out.  Some people, especially those with Yahoo e-mail accounts, didn't receive them.  Yahoo has an aggressive anti-spam process and it appears that those notices were caught up in it. Yahoo processes e-mails for Yahoo,, and
To remove SLPOA e-mails from the Spam category on Yahoo follow these steps:
  1. Log on to (You can click here Yahoo Login to get to the Yahoo login page.)
  2. Click on "Spam" folder in the left column to get to your Spam folder.
  3. Scroll through looking for a "Welcome" e-mail dated 8/12/2014 from SLPOA.
  4. Click that e-mail to open it.  Take note of your credentials while it is open.
  5. Click on "Not Spam" in the bar above the e-mail to remove SLPOA e-mail from the Yahoo spam list.
  6. Close the e-mail and sign out of Yahoo.
The e-mail will be delivered to your e-mail client (if you use something like Outlook).  It will be dated 8/12/2014 so you'll need to scroll down to that date to find it.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me at