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SLPOA Has a New Website!

Stephen D Evans  | Published on 8/8/2014

SLPOA Has a New Website!


Yes, after many years SLPOA has a brand new web site.  This document is intended to introduce the new site and its features to all SLPOA members, so let’s get started.

How do I get to the new web site?

The new site is at:

Once we’re completely up and running we’ll switch the new site to the address. For the first couple of weeks we’re going to run both sites in parallel to make sure everything works.

How do I log in?

In the next day or two you will receive an e-mail with your username and temporary password. Go to . The first page you’ll see when you go to is the public page.  In the upper right, below the banner and above the text you’ll see “Member Login”.  Click that and a Log In dialog will display.  Enter the username and password from the e-mail to log in. If you’d like to skip the log in step the next time you visit the site, click the box that says “Remember me on this computer”.

If you can’t locate the e-mail with your user name and password click the “Forgot my username/password” link and enter your e-mail address and first name. Your username and a temporary password will be e-mailed to you.

In either case, you will be required to update your password after you enter the temporary password.

Once you’ve logged in you should update (review) the information we uploaded. To do that hover the cursor over your name in the upper right and click on “Profile”.  A screen will display with all of the parts of your profile you can update – Contact Info, Additional Member Data (Street Number, Street Name, and SLPOA Boat Registration Number), Additional Members in Your Account (now you can add your children’s names!), User Name/Password and so forth. You can even add your own Photo Album!

Regarding Additional Members in Your Account. You’ll notice that there are three types of Members – Primary, Secondary and Junior. There is one Primary Member per Cabin or Lot. Secondary Members are spouses, partners and co-owners and have log in privileges to the web site.  It is not mandatory that spouses be listed as secondary members since SLPOA incurs an additional cost for each secondary member.  Family members can share log-in information.  However, all committee members MUST be either a Primary or Secondary member.  If you are on a committee and not already a Primary or Secondary member, please have the Primary member for your membership add you as a Secondary member. The Primary member can add you by placing the cursor on their name.  A small box with “Profile” and “Logout”will appear. Click “Profile” and you will be taken to your profile page. Click on the line titled “Additional members in your account” in the Personal Information box. Then click “Add” to the right of the Secondary Members. Complete the form and click “Save” at the bottom to enroll the Secondary Memebr.

We are limited to 5 secondary members per account. We have converted co-owners in our old database to Secondary Members. As many of the five secondary memberships that are remaining after the co-owners may be used for spouses and partners. We ask that if a spouse or a partner is also on a SLPOA Committee they be given preference. Committee members listed on committees must be either a secondary member or manually entered in the Non-Member database. In the latter case, please contact the Administrative Assistant or Webmaster.

Junior members do not have login credentials. You may add your children or other fmily members as Junior Members. There is a provision for e-mail addresses on Junior accounts so include that information as well. The Kid’s Club will appreciate that so they can involve more children in planning and designing their events. You’ll also find it more convenient when ticketing because you won’t have to enter their names each time.

On your Profile page there is also a link to download the User’s manual if you’d like detailed information about the new site.

To add a photo to your profile click the “Standard Member Directory” link, scroll to the bottom of the page and upload your photo.

What if I need Help?

On every page, along the right side of the page, are a set of icons. The top icon is a big ? and will provide help text specific to that page. If you still have a question click on the link at the bottom of the help text that says “Help Home Page”. The Help Home Page will provide other suggestions including, at the bottom, an e-mail address and a telephone number for ClubExpress, the company that provides the web site.  Their staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable.  They are available from 5:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. And, of course, you can always e-mail me at

What will I see?

The sections closely parallel the content on the old site.  The sections are listed in the left column and include:

Contact Us
Event Calendar
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Forum (Yes, the Forum is back!)
Membership (formerly the White Pages)
Photo Albums
SLPOA Documents (Includes the Newsletter and the Reference section – Governing Documents, Financial Documents, Articles, etc.)
Surveys (a new feature)
Volunteering (also a new feature, that allows the Volunteers Committee to post open positions for events and activities and you to sign up)

There is a set of icons on each page along the right side of the page.  They allow you to ask for Help print the page, change the font size, and quickly go to the top of the page.  Some pages also allow you to search for values specific to that page (e.g., on the Events calendar you can search for an event name or date). Hover over the icon to get a text explanation of what the icon does.

Most of those will be self-explanatory.  However, we’ll review some of the sections that offer you more interaction below.

Event Calendar

Click the “Event Calendar” link on the left and you’ll be taken to “Activities & Events – Grid View”. The entries are color coded: yellow for Activities, teal for Meetings and salmon for Events (Cabin Tour, BBQ). The difference between an Activity and an Event is that an Event requires tickets. To move to the next month click on the month name in the upper right corner of the grid. You can also print your own copy of the Calendar by clicking the “Print Calendar” button at the bottom right of the grid.

Click an item on the calendar and a full description of the item is displayed. To see an example of the information available for activities and events, click on the “Serene Lakes Days” activity or the “Annual BBQ” event.

There is a ”Basic Info” section which summarizes the dates and location of the activity and, often, a link to a map of the location and a link to add the activity, event or meeting to your calendar on your computer, tablet or smartphone (IOS not currently supported). There is also an indication of whether registration is required. Registration is required for Events and may be available for certain Activities.

Where there are multiple activities within an Activity, they are listed below the Basic Info. Click the (vertical) >> symbol on the left of the activity names to see the details.

To return to the Calendar view click the button at the top that says “Return to Grid View”.

Event Registration

Note: If you have already purchased your tickets for the Cabin Tour and/or the Annual BBQ you do not need to order them again through the new web site. If you have not ordered your tickets for those events you may order through the new web site, the old web site or by mail.

This area is the one that has the largest change from the old site.  There are three steps:

  1. Register those who will be attending

  2. Select the items (Happy Hour, plate size) for each person attending

  3. Review the purchase and pay.

Let’s use the BBQ as an example. Go to the August page on the calendar and scroll down to August 31. Click the Annual BBQ event. The Event page displays and in the Basic Info section you’ll notice that Registration is required by August 25 and that Payment is “Payment in Advance or at Event”. In the upper right there is a “Buy Now” button.  Click that button if you are paying in advance.

There are two sections below the basic info: Primary Registrant and Companions/Guests. If you are already logged in you will be asked to select your registration type: “Member” or “Not attending or Already registered”. If you, personally, are not attending but wish to purchase tickets for your family members, co-owners or guests click “Not attending or already registered” otherwise click “Member”. 

If you are not logged in, or not a member, you will be asked to log in or sign up as a non-member.  Follow the instructions presented on the screen.

The next section – Companions/Guests – allows you to register others for whom you are purchasing tickets. If you have set up your family members and co-owners in your membership record, click on the “Add others in membership” button. The names of those in your membership record are shown categorized as Primary Member (you), Secondary Members (your spouse, partner and co-owners) and Junior Members (anyone else in your membership that does not have a log on to the SLPOA site). All of them will, by default, be selected as a “Member Companion”. For each of those that will NOT be attending click the down arrow to the right of their name and select “Not attending”. Click the “Save” button. You will return to the registration page and the names of those in your membership that are attending will be shown.

Below their names are the “Add Companions/Guests” and “Add Other Members in the Membership” buttons.  If you have other guests that will be attending, click the “Add Companions/Guests” button. A screen will display for you to enter their First and Last names with a Reg type of “Members Guests”. Add as many guests as you wish. When you have added all of your guests, click the “Next” button.

The first record to be shown is for your ticket. Listed are the options you’d like for yourself: BBQ Serving time (selected by default), Happy Hour (please click if you’ll be attending Happy Hour), and a choice of meal sizes – Adult, Child, Toddler. Select your meal size then click the “Next” button. The next person will be shown. Repeat the selection process described above and click “Next”.  Repeat for all of those attending with you. When all registrants have been completed the system will display a list of the people and options and a total amount to be charged.   Review that information and edit as necessary. To actually buy the tickets click the “Complete Registration” button – don’t do this if you are just exploring the event registration function. You will be presented with your payment options (credit card or check).  If you have provided your credit card information as part of your membership information it will be prefilled.  You may use that card or supply another form of payment. If you are paying by check there is a print function to allow you to print an invoice to be sent to the Administrative Assistant along with your check.

Whew! Sounds like a lot, I know. The old form was pretty easy – enter the number of each kind of ticket and pay through PayPal. The new system doesn’t support that method at this time so we have to go with what they provide.

Membership Directory

The Membership Directory replaces the “White Pages” on the old site and adds the ability to edit your basic information.  To edit your whole profile hover the mouse cursor over your name in the upper right of any screen and click on “Profile”. To get to the Membership Directory click “Membership” on the left column and then “Membership Directory”.

You’ll notice the Membership Directory allows you to add more information about your interests, biography, photo albums, and achievements – even create a Blog. You choose what you want to share by changing settings in your Profile. If you’d like you may upload a photo to have displayed in the Membership Directory listing. You may also register your social networking sites to more completely integrate with Facebook.


Yes, the Forum is back.  The new forum solves the problems we had with the old forum – no longer do you have to separately register and log on to the Forum and there are no anonymous posters to the forum so we can expect more civilized behavior. To get to the Forum click “Forums” in the left column and choose from the Forums that have been created.  Have a new Forum to suggest?  Write the Webmaster at


This section replaces the old Pay My Dues page and allows you to join SLPOA or to renew your SLPOA membership. There is one membership per cabin or lot. The membership includes a Primary member, up to 5 Secondary members and as many Junior members as you wish.  The Primary member manages all of the member records and receives the renewal notices. A Secondary member gets their own log on, can maintain their own Profile and have access to the SLPOA Newsletter in digital form. They will receive e-mails at their own e-mail address. Junior members do not have log on access to the site.  However, the system allows the entry of an e-mail address for Junior members and they can receive e-mails sent through the system by the Administrative Assistant, Committee chairpersons and the Webmaster.

SLPOA is now on a “rolling membership” basis.  That means that your renewal date will be a full 12 months from the date that you join or renew. New members will get a full year of membership for their dues, regardless of when they join SLPOA. The Administrative Assistant will also, over time, get a break from the deluge of renewals at the end of the calendar year.

Extra Newsletters

Each Primary and Secondary member may request extra Newsletters for their family.  Digital Newsletters are e-mailed at no additional charge.  Printed Newsletters may be ordered for an additional fee. To request additional Newsletters click the “Membership” button in the left column and then the “Extra Newsletter Request” button. From that screen there are two links: “Add Digital Extra Newsletter” and “Request Printed Extra Newsletters”.

Add Digital Extra Newsletter – Complete the requested information and check ONLY the XN Digital checkbox under “Category”.

Request Printed Extra Newsletters – requests for printed Newsletter will incur an additional charge. When you click this link an e-mail screen will be displayed. While the e-mail will be from your e-mail account please supply your name and address so the Administrative Assistant can verify your membership and bill you for the extra newsletters.  Then enter, for each extra newsletter the recipient’s name, mailing address and e-mail address (if available). The Administrative Assistant will bill your account and, once the bill is paid (either online or by check) the newsletter mailings will take effect.

SLPOA Documents

The SLPOA Documents consolidates and replaces the Articles and Topics, Reference, SLPOA Financial Docs and SLPOA Legal Docs sections from the old site. It’s use is pretty self-explanatory.

Where do we go from here?

As you can see, the new site is rich in new features, including many we haven’t begun to tap. We anticipate online voting, surveys and many more ways for you to communicate with other members with SLPOA Board members and committee members. Please feel free to let us know about what you like and don’t like about the new site!