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(Recipe of Demo)

This is a wonderful recipe where the end product looks like a whole roasted chicken, but in fact the main body is boneless, and is filled with your favorite stuffing…. You can slice the chicken as you would ‘meatloaf.’

Boning the chicken:

It is best to use chicken where the skin is intact and in good shape (no cuts, no discoloration). Place the chicken (breast side down) on a clean slip-proof cutting board. Starting with the backbone, follow the rib line and cut the skin along that bone. You can use a sharp knife or sharp scissors. This will be your starting point, so it’s important that you pull the skin back gently, at the same time using your knife to help guide you in removing the skin.

As you are ‘skinning’ the chicken, when you get to the drumstick and wings, in order to retain the shape look of a whole chicken, you need to keep these parts in tact. Simply snap the wings from the carcass at the joint being careful not to cut the skin. Do the same with the drumbstick, keeping some meat to retain its shape.

Once the carcass has been removed, what remains is skin attached to two wings and two drumsticks.

NOTE: There is a way to remove the carcass from the chicken without cutting the skin. This process is delicate and much more difficult and time consuming. The above is for the average cook and is quick and easy. If you’re feeling adventurous, and you have patience and time, the following is the method for keeping the chicken skin in complete tact. Remove the skin from the back, by pulling the skin away from the meat, using your knife as a guide, always being careful not to pierce the skin. As you get to the drumstick/wings use the same method as above. You will have a large casing that you can easily fill. Be careful not to overfill, ‘cause the filling will expand and burst the chicken skin.


Because there is a cavity in the carcass, you need to replace this space with filling.

Here’s my favorite way to stuff, but you can use whatever meatloaf recipe you like; however, you’ll also be using the meat from the chicken carcass.

· Remove as much of remaining meat from the chicken carcass. It can be large pieces or small, it’s your preference. Save the carcass for later use in making chicken stock.
Olive oil for sautéing
2-3 Hot Italian Sausages, taken out of the casing
1-large onion, diced
2-celery stalks, diced
garlic, as much as you like
½ cup bread crumbs for binding
2 tbsp parsley
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp sage
1 or 2 whole eggs for binding
salt/pepper to taste

In a large pan or wok, sweat the onions in the olive oil until translucent and ‘caramelized.’ Break up the hot Italian sausage/chicken meat and stir-fry with the onions. After the sausage and chicken is cooked, add the garlic, celery stalk, parsley, thyme, sage and salt and pepper to taste.

Turn off the stove. Add breadcrumbs. Let this cool.

After it is cooled, add one whole egg. If it feels as though it’s not binding, add another egg.

With the chicken skin (chicken skin/drumsticks/wings should be laid out like a blanket on a flat board), place the filling in a mound in the middle of the chicken. Put enough filling to fill the skin. Roll the skin up and over the filling. With 2-3 inch skewers, skewer horizontally to ensure the whole back part of the skin is closed. With twine, zigzag along the skewers. Turn the chicken over and you should have what looks like a whole chicken. Truss the chicken with a twine/string. Starting with the neck, string starting at the neck and wings along the drumstick to keep its shape while roasting.

Rub the chicken skin with olive oil or butter. Salt and pepper skin to taste. Roast in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour. Baste as needed. NOTE: If the filling is with raw meat/chicken, roasting time will be longer. Use a meat thermometer to ensure doneness.

Happy Cooking…



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