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 Ice Lakes Lodge Plaques and Sale:
The new owners of Ice Lakes Lodge, Roland Au and Robb Tucker, have informed us that the wooden plaques testifying to the supporters of the Ice Lakes Lodge will be made available for pickup. To do so you should make an appointment with them. For contact information click the button below.
In addition, they are offering furnishings from the guest rooms and other areas for sale.  For a list of the items and prices please click the button below.
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First snow of the season - not much and mostly slush. Let's hope for more! Notice the beginnings of Fall colors?
Welcome to Serene Lakes Property Association (SLPOA). Serene Lakes is a special place located in the historic Donner Summit area of the Sierra Nevada,  Situated at 7,000 feet (2,134 meters) are two connected lakes - Serena and Dulzura. Lake Serena is the community water supply and swimming is not permitted.  No motorized watercraft are permitted on either lake,
The community surrounding those lakes is made up of about 800 cabins and homes. It has been described as a "time warp" in the Sierras, reflecting a simpler, quieter time. In 2013 the residents demonstrated their love and appreciation of this unique place by joining together with the Truckee Donner Land Trust to acquire 3,000 acres of land surrounding Serene Lakes, preserving it from further development.
SLPOA is a voluntary association of lot and cabin owners. It represents the interests of its members to state and local government agencies, maintains the private beach and common areas, and organizes community activities. All of that is accomplished through volunteers, the people that create the "time warp" that is Serene Lakes. If you'd like to be part of a close community that appreciates the history and natural qualities of this beautiful area please click to go to the Join SLPOA section.