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SLPOA Summer Hikes Schedule

Please come and join George and Linda for a hike on the summit this summer. We are doing some new hikes as well as old favorites. Check out the complete schedule of hikes here. Please check back periodically during the summer for any changes to the schedule as the season continues. See you out there.

Ahoy, Sailors!

Hallo all you sailors,

It's the time of the year again to start planning for our next adventure on one of the tall ships of Star Clipper Cruise line

This time I thought it time to try out the real big one with the 5 masts and a bit more elbow space and quieter dining room facilities. The ship also offers a quite sophisticated spa and aft deck water sport activities with all the water toys available at water level once we are at anchor. The cabins are pretty much like the previous one's we had on the Star Clipper or Star Flyer.

Star Clippers 5 Master

I just received the preliminary plan for the 2015 sailing season and I picked a May 11 sailing with the Royal Clipper from Malaga, Spain towards Rome. The route goes via Palma Mallorca and Mahon Mallorca then on to Civitavecchia (Rome port). From there we will depart May 16 on the second leg of the journey for Palmarola and Ponza then on to Sorrento (with tour to either Pompeii or Capri) then Amalfi, Taormina Sicily, Stromboli and Aolian Islands and finally back to Rome. Total time on board 12 nights for both legs of the journey. The route is well explained in the previous brochure from Star Clipper, just another date. I do not have any prices as yet but the costs are pretty much the same as he last cruise, depending how many folks we can get together this time.

I will send out a notice in the next SLPOA Newsletter with similar details.

I hope you will all sign up again to enjoy this great way of getting around the Mediterranean. You will also have a great chance to visit Spain before the trip and of course the fantastic chance to do Rome at your pleasure after the cruise.
Please let me know if you are interested so I can keep you on my e-mail list. If not let me know so I can take you off. Also please check with all your friends who might want to join again and let me know if I left any one off.

I look forward to seeing you all again with high sprits and sailors outfits.

Until then

Best regards

Your Commodore Werner Siegert
(707) 431-7121

SLPOA Stewardship Committee

SLOA has formed the Stewardship Committee  to participate in the ongoing stewardship of the Royal Gorge properties that surround the community. The committee will work with the Truckee Donner Land Trust and other relevant agencies to represent the interests of the community as they relate to the stewardship of the area. The Committee has a web page at:

A link to their page has also been added to the navigation column (to the left).  You may click the "Stewardship" button to go to the Committee's page.

Placer County’s Ordinance for LPG installations above 5,000 feet

After a lot of work and meetings with Placer County, Truckee Fire, and the Propane Task Force, we were able to have the County revise and update the old 1983 code with this new ordinance.  This new ordinance is much clearer and easier to understand.  We are very happy that among many other improvements, it clarifies that Truckee Fire has jurisdiction, allows the use of flexible risers, and implements a new tank tagging process.  We are confident that this will yield safer propane installations for our community.


Propane Directory - See Your Information

As part of SLPOA’s Propane Task Force George Lamson has assembled a Propane Directory. The information in the directory is available only to the Truckee Fire Department and is not available on this or any other web site. If you’d like to see your own information you may send an e-mail requesting it. Please use this e-mail address to make the request:

In order for us to keep the information confidential, please include your name, cabin address and Placer County APN (parcel number – located on property tax form)

An e-mail will be sent to you with the information in the Propane Directory. If you see any changes that should be made please provide corrections by replying to that e-mail.

Membership Questions?

SLPOA (Serene Lakes Property Owners Association - pronounced "slope-uh") is a voluntary association of cabin and lot owners in Serene Lakes. For information on joining please go to the Join SLPOA page.

If you have questions about your membership please contact our administrator at SLPOA Administrator. As a reminder, you can update your own membership information online by going to the members only section.

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SLPOA - Serene Lakes Property Owners Association
PO Box 669
Soda Springs, CA 95728

E-mail: SLPOA Administrator


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